G-Factor FUE

G-Factor-FUE is a very similar to FUE technique.In this technique the growth factors are separated from blood and re-injected into the transplanted area giving extremely great results for hair growth. This is not only helpful for transplanted hair but also for strengthening the existing thinning hair follicles.

G Factor-Therapy is based on the concept of human germinative cells which have got the ability to regenerate various important structures in embryonic life. These cells can be used in various ways so as to cure diseases like blindness, polio, cancer, and spinal cord injuries etc. The treatment is done by taking out cells from the individual’s body itself, which are then injected to the scalp in order to activate the dead cells.

The therapy works on two dimensions. On one hand, it improves the texture of the hair, while on the other it boosts the hair growth. Wherein, the growth of hair can be expected within 3-4 weeks. A person can get 30-40% hair growth by three to four sittings of the therapy. Adding to it, the results are completely natural and long-lasting.

Garg Clinic’s doctors have examined that optimum centrifugation conditions are required to draw platelet cells from the blood such as centrifugation time, speed & temperature. The parameters irrevocably define the safety and efficacy of cells derived from the blood. Moreover, specially designed instruments are used to inject the germinative cells into the hair follicles to an optimum depth. In another method, cells are injected through the scalp rolling technology where they are introduced by means of tiny pricks into the surface of scalp. The insight gained from the experience created better results and an opportunity for those suffering to get rid of all the pain and humility associated with baldness.