Hair Transplant in Men

Often patients ask “Is it worth it to get a hair transplant?” That depends on how bothered the patient is by hair loss. For some men, hair loss can be devastating and cause them to lose confidence and lower their quality of life. Hair loss can symbolize the loss of youth and can often make men look and feel older than they are.

For those who are bothered by hair loss, now more than ever the process of hair restoration has become more user friendly and relatively inexpensive. Over the years, the technology has gotten better and down time has reduced significantly.

What is a hair transplant ?

Hair transplant is a procedure of redistribution of scalp hair. In this procedure, follicular units or grafts are taken from the donor area and implanted on the bald area to cover these areas.

Important steps in a transplant:

  • The grafts should be extracted with minimum transaction and without damaging the donor area. The quality of the grafts and the number of hairs per graft are important for good results
  • The grafts extracted are placed on the recipient bald areas by making small holes or slits. The direction and angle of these holes are very important to give a natural look to the transplanted hair once it grows. The density at which these grafts are placed also make a difference in the results.